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very simple chain and ruffle tutorials i made for a friend and decided to share because idk it might be useful for someone

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*continued struggles to draw woy fanart*


also that syl puppet is super cute


this truly scared me i thought the legs on the right were some crispy burnt up human legs i need a minute to breathe

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Preview for next week’s episode: Lion 2 The Movie!

I can’t wait ( ^▽^)

(Ep.17) - Steven and Connie try to ride the Lion to the movie theater but Lion has other ideas.



think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

this just changed my life

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beach babes uou

[full view] !!

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Pigeon + afro = Pigeafro ! 

La vie pourrait être tellement mieux avec cette espèce là xD !

If they existed ;U;, watch it with salsa or tango, it’s great xD

i am so happy

That’s my homie

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I’m glad Elementary shows the sexism women face. Joan Watson has been insulted, belittled, and underestimated numerous times. And each time she is shown to be a boss, a role model, more than capable at handling anything thrown at her without being portrayed as a bitch. She handles these situations by calling people out on their B.S., and continues on her way. She’s done this with Gregson, Sherlock, Moriarty, and many minor characters.

Lucy Liu is amazing, and I love that Joan Watson does not just brush off or accept these subtle sexist aggressions. She calls people out and is a boss with her words and actions while maintaining professionalism. 

#i think we need to add beyonce into the joan watson soundtrack because this scene is the definition of ‘bow down bitches’

An anon just graciously pointed out to me that there is an oppressive racial dynamic going on in this scene, not just sexism. They were rightfully bothered that in all this talk about the sexism Joan Watson deals with, there was no mention of white women being oppressive of WOC. Racism is definitely not something you can separate out from sexism in how Watson is being treated in this situation, and it’s definitely my white privilege showing that I didn’t even think about that until someone pointed it out to me.

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